Technology Impacting Life.

Annual Report 2021

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“We will always be driven by a desire to build a better society through technological innovation, seizing new opportunities to help our customers speed up and deepen connections.”

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Key Figures 2021.

Total Revenue
€ 0.0 (in million)
Gross profit
€ 0.0 (in million)
CPaaS net dollar retention rate 1
See our 2021 Key Figures 1 Represents the ratio of the revenue of CPaaS customers in comparable twelve months between the actual and preceding year for customers that generated more than € 10,000 in revenue in the actual year.

How We Create Value.

We focus our growth on where demand is highest both geographically and in the types of company most open to adopting and implementing advanced customer engagement strategies, such as mid-sized enterprises. Gartner estimates that 40% of these companies plan to scale up digital customer capabilities using CPaaS tools by 2025.

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Gilbert Gooijers, COO, CM.com

“Open and collaborative entrepreneurial culture is key-succes in CM.com.”

Think Global, Act Local.


Our strategy in each country is to ensure that we have a locally sourced and represented presence in current and new geographies where we see the most opportunities and potential.

+5International offices
opened in 2021
Offices in 23 countries
55%International revenue share
Jörg de Graaf, CFO, CM.com

“To harness explosive, global growth in a controlled manner you have to move fast in putting the right systems, procedures and people in place.”

Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO, CM.com

“This year has delivered strong organic growth for CM.com, made possible by having the right strategy, people, structures and processes in place, and with the capital available to invest.”