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Making every conversation count.

Annual Report 2022
Making Every Conversation Count.
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This year, the world has changed in ways that none of us could have foreseen. With the Covid pandemic appearing to draw closer to an end, many of us expected a return to normality. Instead, 2022 brought the invasion of Ukraine, rising energy prices, and interest rates at levels not seen for decades.

However, thanks to the strength and diversity of our business in terms of its products, clients, and markets, has nonetheless been able to execute on its growth plan for the year.

Key figures 2022


Our KPI's

Total Revenue
€ 0.0+19%
(in million)2021: € 237.0

Gross profit
€ 0.0+15%
(in million)2021: € 62.7

Gross margin
2021: 26.4%

Countries where we are situated

Our go-to-market strategy focuses on the ultimate combination of building globally and locally. By combining global expansion with local presence, we increase our client proximity to deliver the optimal customer experience.

Our strategy in each country is to ensure that we have a locally sourced and represented presence in current and new geographies where we see the most opportunities and potential. These local offices, staffed by locally knowledgeable and connected employees enables us to scale up organically in these countries and regions supported by our Global Marketing and Sales support team based in the Netherlands.

Countries where we are situated

How we create value

We chose to transition towards our path to profitability by reaching a structurally positive EBITDA level by the end of 2023 via gaining upon efficiencies from the foundation we built in the past years.


Glaucia, tell us

How does your Brazilian background bring a fresh perspective to
My creativity, flexibility, and cultural understanding help navigate the local market more effectively, so we can establish a strong presence and build successful partnerships. By combining our local knowledge and expertise with’s resources and capabilities, we can drive growth in the Brazilian market.
And how do you like your brand-new office?
The new Brazilian office has a great view and an awesome atmosphere that makes it perfect for connecting with colleagues. The building is in a co-working space in an amazing area, with cool spaces to take meetings or calls.

Making every
conversation count

Making every conversation count: it’s in everything we do. This promise is rooted in our mission to make life easier, safer, and more beautiful for everyone. Our broad product portfolio enables us to lead the way in improving conversations between consumers and businesses. We aim to engage in a positive conversation with stakeholders, both inside and outside

All integration

How Domino’s Pizza uses Whatsapp for recruitment

Colinda Leemans


Izak, tell us

South Africa is such a diverse country. As a Sales Manager, how do you make sure that everyone lives the values?
In my opinion, our people are essential to who we are at Everyone interprets our values through the prism of their background and experiences, and this greatly enriches our organizational culture. Sharing these insights helps ensure that all our sales employees can convey the story in the most effective way possible.
How can you share your insights with the rest of the organization worldwide?
I’m currently enrolled in the CMBA Future Leaders program. This allows me to share my experiences with my peers from all over the world. As part of the course, we study topics like developing personal leadership and understanding global cultures. The course is collaborative, enabling everyone to contribute and learn.


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