Annual Report 2023

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In 2024 will...

Stay at the forefront of new Innovations.

The Value of One is the focus on bringing together all of our talent, resources, and capabilities so we can consistently deliver value to clients, consumers, and society at large.

"We remain committed to innovation and growth, anticipating a future of continued success and positive impact."

Financial Statements

Key Figures 2023

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Our KPI’s

Total Revenue (In million)
266.2- 6%
Gross Profit (In million)
78.5+ 9%
Gross margin (In percentage)

Think Global, Act Local

Our go-to-market strategy focuses on the ultimate combination of building globally and locally. By combining global expansion with local presence, we increase our client proximity to deliver the optimal customer experience.

Our strategy is to ensure that we have presence and knowledge in the geographies in which we see the most opportunities.

These local offices, staffed by locally knowledgeable and connected employees enable us to scale up organically in these countries and regions supported by our Global Marketing and Sales support team based in the Netherlands.

Global Expansion
Gross profit growth
Gross margin 2023
Countries where we are situated
Our local offices around the world
* Year-End 2023
Sam Jansen

Tell Us More
What is the Value of One Platform for Brunel?
Pim van den Berg
It's all about using one platform to keep all employees in the loop. Instead of scattering information everywhere, this platform gathers it all in one spot. Here, everyone can easily find the latest updates and news they need for their work.
Pim van den Berg
This makes things smoother, keeps everyone on the same page, and makes sure no one misses out on important stuff.
Mobile-first focus

How we Create Value

Making every conversation count
The Path to Profitability


Our Accelerated Growth Strategy is based on six pillars that work together to drive the adoption of our products worldwide. This will enable brands and businesses to connect more deeply with their customers and deliver the optimal customer experience.

An Open and Collaborative Culture

People & Culture

At, we have an open, collaborative culture. We nurture and grow the potential of all our employees, encouraging them to foster strong bonds and supportive networks. Everyone working at is united by our mission of enabling brands to make life easier, safer, and more beautiful.

A Key Strategic Pillar


“Within this future landscape, tech companies must be able to navigate a complex interconnected web of societal, environmental, and economic systems, with sustainability at their core, to deliver a positive impact.”

The Value of One

The combination of strengths within adds up to benefit the internal and external.

Go Digital


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Annual Report 2023